Music Recognition Technology (MRT) pilot – an update

Since our last update to you in December 2017 we have progressed the MRT pilot and successfully improved our ability to better understand and accurately identify the music played by DJs in pubs, bars and clubs.

What are the latest developments with the project?

The first PPL distribution using MRT data collected in 2017 was made in June 2018.

In April 2018, we were able to confirm a change in PPL’s distribution policy, which enabled the first royalty payment made to members using the data gathered in the pilot. 

The introduction of additional devices to a greater number of venues is being explored and PPL intends to keep using the data collected in its future distributions. 

How do the changes affect performers and recording rightsholders?

It means that we can more accurately identify the music played by DJs in venues participating in the pilot and distribute royalties based on actual music use in licensed venues.  

Do I need to do anything?

You will have benefitted from the enhanced identification of music if your repertoire has been played by DJ’s in pubs, bars and clubs.

No member action is required. 

However if you’re interested in supplying audio recordings of your music to DJ Monitor and you already work with a record label, publisher or music distributor, you can find out more about DJ Monitor here: