72% of customers want sweet music played in their ears this Valentine’s Day.

Music has long been the ingredient to a romantic night in front of the fire, but recent research proves that music is also the recipe for success for your business this Valentine's Day.

In a survey carried out by MusicWorks, 72% of people agree they would prefer to go to a restaurant on Valentine's Day that plays music rather than one without. 62% of those asked also agree that music is an essential part of any Valentine's Day dinner.

Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Snow Patrol are popular amongst love birds, so make sure to include tracks by those artists when choosing the Valentine's selection.

Music is as vital as candles, lighting and good wine when it comes to creating the perfect Valentine's atmosphere; not only will your customers be gazing into each other's eyes but your profits will be feeling the love also.

Of those who like hearing music in a restaurant:

  • 71% said they feel more romantic when good background music is being played
  • 74% said that playing good background music means they are more likely to enjoy their meal
  • 75% said a restaurant that plays good background music helps them relax

Russell Hart, Chief Executive of Entertainment Media Research who carried out the research on behalf of MusicWorks commented; "Music is a short-cut to peoples' emotions. It is a powerful means to change psychological states and influence consumer behaviour in virtually any commercial environment."

MusicWorks is the business tool which demonstrates the benefits of playing music across all businesses and industries. More information can be found at www.musicworksforyou.com.