DDEX launches new data standard

PPL is a part of Digital Data Exchange (DDEX), a consortium of companies looking to standardise data exchange in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the music industry.

A new standard, Recording Information Notification (RIN), was launched to the public in October 2016. RIN provides a common standard for all types of recording information to be captured during the production process and passed on to record companies. It is designed primarily for use in Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, to enable users to capture and store recording metadata, meaning that comprehensive information about a recording can be captured at the earliest possible opportunity.

The RIN standard can be accessed now by any organisations that choose to implement it. The idea is that the manufacturers of the software commonly used in recording studios will adopt this standard so that all available metadata may be captured and easily exchanged between different organisations. For record companies, RIN simplifies and standardises the process of receiving accurate information from the studio and crediting the contributors to a recording, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The RIN standard is designed so that the data it captures can also be readily used to support the creation of label copy for releases.

Next steps

PPL is actively involved in the working group that developed the RIN standard. Initially, the working group’s role was to ensure that this standard was aligned with the requirements of collective management organisations like PPL, and that data was captured in a way that CMOs could later use. PPL spoke on a panel at the launch event in Berlin, highlighting the importance of capturing complete and accurate contributor information, so that the correct recording rightsholders and performers can be remunerated when the recording gets airplay.

The current focus for the working group is campaigning to raise awareness and promote adoption of the new standard. This is happening now, with coordinated engagement with DAW software manufacturers. It is also important to raise awareness of the RIN standard beyond the software manufacturers to all groups involved in the production of music, including record companies and studio producers, so that together we can push for its adoption and implementation.

PPL is keen to promote use of the standard, as it will help improve the breadth and quality of data that gets provided to record companies, and which can then in turn be passed on to PPL.