MusicWorks survey reveals many West Midland business owners would turn down heating rather than silence the music.

New research among businesses in the West Midlands region reveals the benefits of music in the workplace to owners, employees and customers alike.

80% of those in the West Midlands say that playing music in the workplace increases staff morale. Additionally, 88% in the region believe that it creates a better working environment for staff. 

The research is published by MusicWorks, a joint initiative of PPL and PRS for Music who represent thousands of composers, performers, publishers and record companies.

A huge 91% in the region believe that playing music makes staff and customers happier.

The research also found that 71.2% in the region say music in the workplace makes their employees more productive.

Furthermore of those surveyed two in five (41%) in the region believe that playing music can increase sales or results for the business.

The research also asked about cost-cutting in these times of austerity. The results showed that business owners and managers are so passionate about music in the workplace that 29% in the West Midlands would even consider turning down the central heating rather than lose music at work.

Paul Clements, Director of Public Performance Sales, PRS for Music commented: “Playing music has huge benefits to business owners and customers alike, and these results from the West Midlands show that people running businesses in the region really value hearing music in the workplace.”

Christine Geissmar, Director of Operations, PPL, said: “We know that music at work has many benefits and the research shows how highly it is valued among business owners and managers. Many would even prefer to be colder at work than turn off the music!”

Music Psychologist, Dr Vicky Williamson says: “Music can positively influence mood and emotional states by stimulating body, mind and memories. Silence by comparison can feel particularly intrusive in the retail world, as it may throw unwelcome attention on the consumers’ behaviour.

“Providing the option of music listening for people is a great way to bring a sense of pleasure and relaxation to the work environment, thereby promoting a positive attitude, higher job satisfaction and boosting a sense of brand identity and loyalty. Many people who are used to music in their lives feel that, by comparison, a silent environment lacks an important, personal, and creative source of energy.” 

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