PPL announces further UK and international growth in 2017

PPL collected a record £218.8 million in 2017, revenue was up 3 per cent (£6.7 million) on previous year.

In 2017 the music licensing company PPL collected £218.8 million for its performer and record company members – up 3 per cent (£6.7 million) on the £212.1 million collected in 2016.  The company delivered growth once again across each of its three main revenues streams; broadcast, public performance and dubbing, and international.

Broadcast revenue grew by 3 per cent (£2.5 million) to £79.9 million.  In addition to key licensing arrangements with public service and commercial broadcasters for the use of recorded music in their TV and radio services, PPL also continued to focus on its wider broadcast licensing.  This includes community radio (for which PPL and PRS for Music launched a new joint licence in 2017), online radio streaming services, use of recorded music in TV programmes made available for download, and the copying of programmes containing recorded music for sale to other broadcasters).

Public performance and dubbing also saw an increase of 3 per cent (£2.9 million) on 2016’s figure with £89.3 million being collected in total. 

As of February 2018, public performance licensing (where recorded music is played at shops, bars, offices and other businesses across the UK) is now administered by PPL PRS Ltd, PPL’s newly-launched joint venture with PRS for Music.  This joint venture, based in Leicester offers a single point of contact, and one public performance licence covering both companies’ respective rights, thereby providing a streamlined service to licensees.

PPL’s dubbing licensing covers the commercial copying of music by specialist companies that supply music systems to businesses such as shops, bars and gyms for the playing of recorded music (including via hard disk systems, satellite/narrowcast delivery and digital jukeboxes).

PPL’s third main revenue stream, its international collections business, also achieved growth in 2017, with £49.6 million collected – an increase of 3 per cent from the £48.3 million collected in 2016.  As 2016 had seen growth of 32 per cent in this revenue stream (due to PPL receiving some one-off payments in 2016 from overseas collective management organisations (CMOs) in respect of past years), it was always going to be a significant challenge to achieve international revenue growth in 2017.  This made the 3% growth in 2017 a very positive result.

Since 2006 (when PPL’s international collections were £6 million, as compared to nearly £50 million in 2017), PPL has collected over £355 million internationally for performers and record companies, and now has 87 international agreements in place with overseas CMOs.

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive at PPL said, “I am very pleased that PPL has been able to grow its revenue, particularly at a time when we were also heavily focused on building PPL PRS Ltd – the biggest joint venture of its kind in the world as well as a range of other ground breaking projects. 

This continued success can be attributed to a highly-skilled, dedicated and hard-working team at PPL, our ongoing investment in technology and our focus on innovation, all of which has furthered our efforts to improve the quality of the data which underpins our business and the wider neighbouring rights market.

We continue to do the heavy lifting so our members do not have to and we have been able to build on the high-quality service we provide to our members. In 2017 we paid more performers and record companies than ever before – over 98,000 at least once, up nearly 6 per cent on the previous year.”

The 2017 financial results will be presented at PPL’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 6 June 2018.



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