Halo Hair Design

Halo Hair DesignHalo Hair Design opened in Chesham in August 2010 and began playing recorded music in their shop through an iPod as soon as they opened.

Playing popular mainstream artists, the music produces a calming, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for their customers.

The music also motivates the salon's staff, keeping them happy at an enjoyable workplace so they continue to provide an excellent service for their clients. Staff say the music "sets a feel-good feeling for both clients and staff".



La Casa Restaurant & Grill

La Casa Restaurant & GrillItalian restaurant La Casa opened in 2009 and has always played recorded music to their customers. The independent restaurant in Weybridge, Surrey, plays music either through CDs or an iPod.

Italian music – from traditional opera to modern tracks – is played throughout the restaurant to create a relaxing and individual atmosphere for both staff and customers.

Owner Nico says: "Music has an important part to play in our restaurant business. Customers say it's enjoyable to listen to and makes them feel warm and welcomed, while our staff says having music playing makes it much easier to work."



Shelley's Cakes

Shelley's CakesShelley's Cakes has been operating in Chislehurst, Kent, for over 18 years and have always played recorded music in the business. The business makes bespoke cakes, specialising in wedding cakes, and has a retail shop and a kitchen workshop where the cakes are made.

Music is played throughout the business, but the style varies between the kitchen and the shop. Playing mellow and subtle background music in the retail area helps customers feel more relaxed and at ease as they browse product portfolios, whereas the kitchen has louder and more upbeat commercial radio to motivate the staff as they work.

Shelley says: "Having music while we work creates a more cheerful atmosphere and we work better as a team. Within the shop, it just makes it feel more welcoming."