The availability of Direct Debit for any invoice, licence or customer is at PPL's discretion and may be dependent on:

• whether there are any invoices issued by PPL to the customer that are overdue and how long such invoices have been outstanding;
• whether certain enforcement processes are underway in relation to infringement of copyright by the customer;
• whether the customer has complied with all terms of previous licences or payment arrangements; and
• whether the customer has made any use of PPL's recorded music without a licence and how long such unlicensed use has continued for.

The above factors may also affect the number and timing of instalments over which PPL agrees to accept payment. At all times PPL retains absolute discretion to offer or refuse to offer payment by Direct Debit to any music user.

In order to take up an offer of making payment by Direct Debit, the customer must either complete the paper authorisation forms or provide authorisation to PPL via telephone by calling 020 7534 1415. By submitting the authorisation forms or completing the authorisation via telephone the customer agrees to the terms below.
These conditions apply whenever PPL allows licensees to make payment by direct debit:

  • You will have received our offer to allow payment by Direct Debit on or when discussing a particular invoice. The offer applies to the fees due under the licence(s) to which that invoice relates, unless specifically agreed with you. It does not apply to any licences for music use or premises not specified in the offer and instruction.
  • The offer does not apply to any "balancing" payment that may be invoiced by PPL following receipt of information required under the relevant tariff regarding the actual level of music use over the course of the licence period.
  • The customer's provision of Direct Debit authorisation by submission of a paper mandate or by telephone is an offer by the customer to enter into the Direct Debit arrangement which may be accepted by PPL setting up the Direct Debit arrangement. No contract is formed until PPL sets up the arrangement.
  • The setting up of the arrangements as described above forms a contract ("the Direct Debit Agreement") between the customer and PPL under which the customer is permitted to play sound recordings controlled by PPL in public pursuant to the Public Performance Terms and Conditions and the relevant tariff as published by PPL and communicated to the customer, subject that the term of such permission shall be for only such time as the customer complies with the conditions set out here. Upon payment of all Direct Debit instalments the permission hereby granted shall be converted to a full Licence for the full term as set out on the Licence Document according to the terms of the Public Performance Terms and Conditions.
  • Under no circumstances will a Direct Debit Agreement alter the licence fees or any other sums actually due under the terms of the relevant tariffs.
  • The timing of the customer's Direct Debit payment(s) shall be set out in an advanced notice letter that will be sent to the customer prior to the first payment being collected.
  • In the event of a first instance of a presentation of a Direct Debit payment failing due to insufficient funds in the customer's account, payment will be re-presented on the next payment day date (1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of each month) that falls at least seven working days after PPL is notified of the failure.
  • The Direct Debit Agreement, and therefore the customer's permission to play sound recordings controlled by PPL in public, shall automatically terminate with immediate effect upon the occurrence of any of the following events:
     - More than one presentation of a Direct Debit payment failing due to insufficient funds in the customer's account in respect of any given invoice;
     - Cancellation by the customer of Direct Debit payments while any fees remain outstanding;
     - Provision of inaccurate account details or any other act by the customer that renders the bank account or the Direct Debit payment instruction obsolete or unusable; or
     - Breach of any term of the Public Performance Terms by the customer.


You can also read the Terms and Conditions of the PPL website.