The campaigns run in February and August in order to resolve conflicts where two or more members are claiming ownership of the same recording ahead of the key UK distribution and adjustment payments in June and December. The aim of each campaign is to maximise the revenue paid to PPL members and to ensure that payments of any licensing revenue are accurate.

Quite often, PPL has found that disputes arise due to incorrect data being supplied by one or all parties involved; in other cases there may be a genuine disagreement. We’ve put together some top tips to help you reduce the number of disputes you might be involved in.

Top tips to avoid disputes:

1.    Ensure that the correct rights ownership dates are supplied to PPL in line with your agreements; i.e. if your rights start on 1 January 2015 please ensure this is supplied as your rights start date.
2.    If you no longer own or control the rights to particular recordings then you should update the rights end date by editing your registration via myPPL.
3.    Releasing a product does not necessarily mean that you own all recordings included. Where you have non-exclusively licensed a recording from a third-party for a specific product (e.g. for use on a compilation) please ensure that these recordings are sent through with the ‘this is controlled by a third-party’ box ticked (via myPPL).
4.    For any remastered recordings, please clearly identify these by ticking the ‘remaster’ box (via myPPL) and include an appropriate title that indicates the track is an alternate mix or remaster.
5.    Inform your Member Services of any large catalogue sales, licences or exclusive label agreements. Getting all relevant repertoire updated in one go will help ensure that issues with ownership of these recordings do not keep coming up in future.
6.    Ensure that the Territorial Rights information is correct. If you have mandated PPL to collect on your behalf internationally but there is a key release that has been licenced to a third-party in the UK but retained in all other territories, then you should register the rights for this release to include all other territories minus the UK.
7.    If you do not own the rights to any catalogues or repertoire in specific territories, you should supply territorial rights information to PPL at a recording level.
8.    Our processes work best when people tell us about rights they have acquired (or disposed of) as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please contact the Member Services team by phoning (0)20 7534 1234 or emailing