Music Recognition Technology: a joint project with PRS for Music

We are working with PRS for Music to pilot the use of Music Recognition Technology (MRT) to support our current methods of identifying music publicly performed by DJs in our licensed venues.

We always try to ensure accurate payment to members wherever we can. We do this by obtaining reliable music usage data and matching it to the sound recordings registered by members. However this is not always an easy process when it comes to music played by DJs in licensed clubs, bars, pubs and hotels. The complexities around the way in which DJs play music, combined with the volume and variety of music performed, makes it challenging to track.

To help evaluate our current methods, we are working together with PRS for Music to understand how the use of MRT can potentially help support our current methods to identify music publicly performed by DJs in venues across the UK.

After an extensive selection process and a short trial in Ministry of Sound and Fabric, we have chosen DJ Monitor as our MRT supplier, a market leader in music identification and rights monitoring. Starting from December, a number of licensed venues across the UK will be involved in a pilot phase where DJ Monitor will install devices that report music usage from the venue to us and PRS for Music.

What does this mean for me?

The pilot will evaluate the extent to which MRT could be effectively rolled out across the UK and how the resulting data could inform our public performance distribution methods.

If the pilot is successful, a wider roll out of the technology will be implemented so that it can contribute to calculating payments to members in the future. It is important to note that timely and accurate registration of works by members is still a pivotal part of the distribution process. We will update you on the progress of the pilot in 2017.