PPL has signed a new international agreement with SAWP (the Polish Association of Performing Artists of Music and Music with Lyrics) the Collective Management Organisation (CMO) responsible for representing performers in Poland, further extending the reach of its international neighbouring right collections. 

SAWP is the only performer CMO authorised to collect private copying revenue for performers in Poland. This means that PPL performer members who have an international mandate in place covering Poland will receive remuneration for the private copying in Poland of their performances, and SAWP members will be remunerated for the public performance and broadcast of their performances in the UK. PPL already has a bi-lateral agreement with STOART in Poland, covering the broadcast and public performance of PPL members’ performances in Poland, and the equivalent use of STOART members’ performances in the UK. The STOART agreement, however, does not cover private copying. 

PPL is pleased to add to its ever-growing number of international relationships with this agreement and is a global leader in international collections with 78 reciprocal agreements in place with CMOs covering over 90% of the world’s neighbouring rights in royalty value, PPL has extensive reach and scale in navigating the global neighbouring rights market. 

Laurence Oxenbury, PPL’s Director of International, said: “We are focused on building and maintaining relationships with our international counterparts at a time when neighbouring rights represent an ever more important revenue stream to the industry. We are delighted to be working with SAWP and are confident that this partnership can reap positive rewards for our members.”