Exercise to Music tariff

In 2013 PPL revised the Exercise to Music tariff for the use of recorded music in exercise classes. The responsibility for the licence is as follows:

Exercise and Fitness Centres are responsible for holding a valid PPL licence for exercise classes that take place within their premises. Please visit Exercise and Fitness Centres for more information and to apply for a licence.

Exercise Instructors are required to hold a valid PPL licence for any classes that they operate on premises other than Exercise or Fitness Centres (e.g. hired halls, community buildings, offices). Please visit Exercise Instructors for more information and to apply for a licence.

Revised Schedule: The schedule that accompanied the launch of the new Exercise to Music tariff launched 1st May 2013 has been revised. Download and view the new schedule.

Watch our new video featuring Tariff Development Manager Mark Steel and UK fitness professionals explaining why they exercise to music.

Music Works for You

Infographic - previewMany people can't imagine exercising without music, especially to tracks by our members.

Research we have undertaken into the fitness environment reveals that 87% of current and ex gym members who attend exercise classes prefer to listen to music by original artists when working out.

View our infographic for more stats.