During a visit from one of our Business Relationship Executives, it was noted that recorded music was being played in public within the premises but we have no record of a PPL licence at the address.

You can either:

  • Call the number on the card to speak to, or request a return visit from, the Business Relationship Executive that left the card
  • Send an email giving your business name and address (and including your account details, if you have any). We will respond to your email within 5 working days

If you do not contact us we may take the following action:

  • Visit you again within 2 weeks of our original visit
  • Issue an invoice for a PPL licence against the music usage we believe that there is on site
  • Ultimately, we may take legal action for copyright infringement, when it is appropriate to do so

If you play recorded music or music videos in public, you will almost certainly be legally required to have a PPL licence. It is therefore important that you have the correct licence in place.

More information about why you need a licence