Music Recognition Technology (MRT)

The use of MRT can result in accurate identification of music performance information being collected from a variety of licensed premises. The usage information reported to each society is enhanced to more easily recognise the works and recordings played and ensure accurate payments are made to PPL and PRS for Music members.

How do music recognition technology devices work? 

In partnership with venues across the UK, PRS for Music and PPL have installed a number of music recognition technology monitoring devices that generate an ‘audio fingerprint’ for each track played during a DJ set. An audio fingerprint is a digital summary of the unique characteristics, or ‘fingerprint’, of a recording, stored with accompanying information such as the song title, songwriter, composer and featured artist details.

Music recognition technology has the ability to recognise a recording from just a few seconds. Using music recognition technology, the audio fingerprint is run though a library of fingerprints to see if a ‘match’ can be found. Identified tracks are matched against PRS for Music’s and PPL’s independent databases of musical works and recordings to pay our respective members, the creators of those music works and sound recordings: songwriters, music publishers, performers and recording rightsholders.