PPL response to the Independent Code Review

PPL welcomes the many positive findings in the Independent Code Review report, published today (Monday 2 June, 2014).

The full report is available to review on the Independent Code Review website. We are pleased by Walter Merricks’ assessment that PPL and the other CMOs have demonstrated not only compliance with their respective Codes of Conduct but also a collective commitment to make self-regulation work. His recognition of, and commendation of, PPL’s ongoing joint working with PRS for Music is valued and this will remain a key strategic focus for both organisations as we seek further to simplify music licensing for the benefit of both licensees and members.

As it was not raised during the Code Review process, nor was it part of the brief, we cannot immediately comment on Walter Merricks’ more general proposal that private sector CMOs should become closer to being like public sector bodies’.

PPL remains committed to providing a first-class service to all of its members and licensees and will continue working hard to meet the high standards it sets itself to maintain the successful system of self-regulation that has received such significant endorsement in today’s independent report.