This year sees the 24th Advanced Level Training Course in Copyright and Related Rights.

PPL is proud to sponsor the WIPO-BCC 24th Advanced Level Training Course in Copyright and Related Rights.  The Course, organised jointly byThe Course, organised jointly by the British Copyright Council (BCC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and in association with the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office, gives attendees a thorough overview of the copyright and related rights landscape from a UK perspective.

The Course will run from 17th October 2016 to 28th October 2016 at various venues across London. Over these two weeks, participants will be provided with an intensive guide to the operation of copyright and related rights - both in law and in practice - in the UK and in the context of European and international developments.
Past participants have flown from every corner of the globe to attend this highly regarded Course to obtain a better understanding and some experience of UK copyright law. It also provides an opportunity to address copyright issues from a developing country perspective.

The Course is organised in London by Janet Ibbotson, Chief Executive Officer of the BCC who, with Florian Koempel, the BCC’s International Copyright Counsel and Dr Gaetano Dimita co-ordinate a comprehensive programme with speakers from organisations and companies across the UK copyright industries, from professional bodies and collective management organisations to academics and legal practitioners.

As part of the WIPO Academy’s Professional Development Programme, the Course is aimed primarily at Senior Officers nominated by the Governments of developing countries. Those participating via the Academy’s Programme must have completed its Distance Learning Course (DL-201) (Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights).

Those interested in taking part in 2016 should first register through the WIPO Academy. Applications from potential participants are open until 25th August 2016. A very limited number of places for UK participants are available through the BCC contact