PPL CEO Peter Leathem comments on the passing of Article 13

The European Parliament has passed the much debated Copyright Directive proposals.

One of the key elements of the proposed Directive is Article 13 which creates a new legal framework to ensure that large online services pay creators and respect the content they use.

MEPs backed the legislation proposed in the European Parliament which seeks to create a level playing field in the online market.

At PPL we believe everyone deserves to be fairly paid for their work. We were proud to support UK Music and the #LoveMusic campaign. 

Commenting on the vote, PPL Chief Executive Officer, Peter Leathem said: “The vote in favour of Article 13 of the Copyright Directive today is a victory for the future of our music industry. It is a vital step towards ensuring all music creators, including PPL’s members, are fairly rewarded when their music is used or listened to online. We extend our thanks to all those who came together to support the #LoveMusic campaign and to the MEPs who today chose to stand up for music rights in the digital environment.”

The European Parliament, Commission and Council will now consider the proposal and next steps to finalise a Directive.

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