PPL is pleased to announce that members will soon be able to register new recordings directly through an online myPPL account from the end of February 2012.

Members will benefit from easy access to all PPL account information in one place, marking an important step on the road to delivering an even greater level of customer service to our members.

PPL has worked hard on improving the services offered to members. This new service allows only complete data to be submitted into the database, making it easier and quicker for revenue to be paid out on recordings that have earned royalties. 'Invalid' recordings can also be quickly identified and fixed.

Members will also no longer have to remember separate login details for the App v4.2, which will be closed from 12pm GMT on 14 February 2012.

PPL members must submit any 'Ready' recordings in an App account by 14 February at the latest. After this date the App will be offline and any pending data will not be retrievable.

It is very important that members are aware that PPL will not be able to process any data submitted using the App v4.2 after 14 February and so it will not be passed to MCPS. Please contact MCPS directly if you need a licence during this time.

PPL will contact members with more information on the day the new service is accessible.