New contracts announced with Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal.

Music licensing company PPL has today announced new agreements with six European territories - Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal,

This now means PPL registered performers will receive money when their repertoire is used in these countries. PPL will also pay out to performers from these countries when their repertoire is played in the UK.

"Signing these new agreements with our European counterparts is great news and shows our commitment to maximising the rights of our members," said Laurence Oxenbury, Director of International, PPL. "We already cover a significant part of the global market by value of collections; we are now looking to fill in the gaps and ensure that our members are being paid from all of the smaller markets. 2012 is already shaping up to be a very encouraging year."

In March of this year, PPL made the largest single payment of international royalties it has ever made. Almost £10million of revenue was distributed from 18 different countries – including Denmark, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Japan and Canada as well as the first ever payment from Latvia for both performer and rights holder members.

"The record payout for March is a testament to the level of service we provide at PPL," said Laurence. "Our team has worked incredibly hard to ensure this has happened and we also could not have done it without the co-operation of our counterparts around the world so offer our thanks to them."

These new agreements mean that PPL now has deals with 33 countries around the world and collects international performance rights for 80% of its members. The PPL international team currently consists of 16 members of staff who speak over 15 languages between them including and Spanish, German, French and Russian.