For the majority of business types, submitting your licence application will result in an invoice being sent to your business. Please note the following circumstances and exceptions:

  • If your business type is an office, factory, or shop with four or more employees, you may be eligible to purchase your PPL licence online – select your business type in the application form below for further information.
  • If your business is an office, factory, or garage with four or fewer employees – where music is not audible to customers, visitors or guests – you may be eligible to apply for our small workplaces joint licence which we run in conjunction with PRS for Music. You can purchase your small workplaces joint licence by calling PRS for Music on 0845 140 0090.
  • If you work in radio or online broadcasting, please see radio and online broadcasting.
  • If you are a business considering your use of recorded music and require a quote, please see PPL licence costs.
  • If you wish to license more than one business site or require further assistance, please contact us directly by calling 020 7534 1070.
  • If further information is required to complete your application, a member of our team will aim to get back to you within two working days.


Select your business type below to begin your licence application. Required fields are marked with an asterisk*.