april 2019 spotlight on international territories

This March, PPL has made a record Quarter 1 (Q1) international distribution. The distribution is not only the highest Q1 distribution yet, but includes revenue from the broadest range of collective management organisations (CMOs) in any single payment made by PPL. The revenue originates from markets across the world such as the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Greece and Latvia.

Our in-depth knowledge of the international marketplace coupled with our extensive data expertise means that large volumes of data are being exchanged more quickly and more accurately on behalf of our members than ever before.

We continue to work proactively and collaboratively with all of our CMO counterparts around the world to increase the speed and quality of data exchanged. We do the heavy lifting so that you do not have to. Please find below some additional information that demonstrates some of the different ways in which we work with our international counterparts.

Updates for performers
Albania - AKDIE
We are pleased to announce that in February this year we received our first payment from Albania. We signed a bilateral agreement with the AKDIE, who are the only licensed agency for the collective management of performer rights in Albania, in November 2018.

In December 2018, we submitted our first claims for airplay in Albania, for which payment followed in February 2019, leading to revenue being distributed to performers in our Q1 distribution.

Sweden - SAMI
Sweden is ranked 15th in the world for collections of performance rights. Based in Stockholm, SAMI is Sweden’s not-for-profit performer CMO. Our relationship with SAMI has gone from strength to strength over the past two years, with our highest ever payments from the Swedish CMO coming in 2018.

SAMI are regular distributors of private copy revenue to PPL and nearly a third of performers who received broadcast revenue in 2018 from SAMI also received private copy revenue, which is testament to the consistent claims work that we have conducted with SAMI.

Spain - AIE
AIE is the Spanish CMO responsible for collecting and distributing income for sound recordings on behalf of performers for public performance, broadcast, private copying, simulcasting, cable retransmission and audio visual rights. Our March payment sees revenue being distributed to over 12,000 performers.

In 2019, we will continue to work alongside AIE in reviewing and improving data quality, with focus on enhancing claiming for audio visual use of sound recordings.

Lithuania - AGATA
Established in 1999, AGATA is the only organization in Lithuania collecting performers’ and producers’ neighbouring rights and is ranked as the 45th largest music market in the world.

In February we received a successful performer payment relating to public performance and broadcast which has resulted in a distribution to over 14,000 performers.
Updates for recording rightsholders
Australia - PPCA
In 2018, Australia was the 13th largest market for performance rights globally. PPCA is the Australian CMO, primarily for recording rightsholders, and our collections from PPCA grew 107 per cent between 2017-2018.

PPCA only pay out on recordings where country of recording or country of commissioning is protected. The UK are on the protected countries list, which can be found on PPCA’s website (www.ppca.com.au). If the country of recording or country of commissioning for a track do not appear on the protected territories list, then we can submit performer information regarding citizenship to support track qualification.

PPL have been helping our members maximise the amount of monies they can receive by declaring performer information on recordings that would otherwise fail the qualification criteria based on country of recording or commissioning alone.

Belgium - SIMIM
Belgium is ranked 14th in the world for collections of performance rights with public performance being the largest revenue stream. In Belgium, collections are managed by PlayRight (the performer society) and SIMIM (the recording rightsholder society). We work closely with SIMIM to ensure data exchanged is in line with SIMIM’s published schedule. Improvements to PPL’s repertoire declaration process (i.e. how we make claims to other CMOs on behalf of members) and commitment to drive forward the resolution of recording rightsholder track level disputes in Belgium has helped drive payments.

Malaysia - PPM
PPM is the Recording Rights Holder CMO in Malaysia. They distribute royalties for the use of public performance broadcasting, rental and dubbing in Malaysia. This includes sound recordings in music videos including karaoke (as contained in cassettes, CDs, LDs, VCDs, DVDs etc.).

If you have performed on, or if you control the rights to, recorded music that has been played outside of the UK, then we can help you claim the international performance royalties you are entitled to collect. If you would like to find out more then please visit our international collections page.