ddex open events

These open events are for individuals and organisations that want to learn more about how music credits are captured in the studio, and for record companies that want to understand more about data standardisation.

DDEX Creator Credits Summit
Thursday 7 November

DDEX – or Digital Data Exchange – is a group of organisations across the music industry with a mission to standardise the data value chain. This DDEX summit event is aimed at any individual or organisation that deals with ‘creator credits’ data (i.e. the specific information about contributors to a recording or musical work, including the how, where and when a contribution was made) and is interested to learn more about how the DDEX standards can enable the capture and exchange of information concerning ‘what happened in the studio’.

The day will include panels giving an insight into historical challenges, and will discuss the promising developments seen in recent years, including the increasing use of the DDEX “RIN” standard for capturing information about recordings throughout the creative process.

There will be presentations and demonstrations from a number of companies developing solutions to aid the capture and exchange of information using DDEX standards. This includes manufacturers of software tools that help creators capture ‘credits’, record companies that collect this information, and digital music services that have ideas for new functionality of using this information.

More information regarding the Creative Credits Summit is available on the DDEX website: www.ddex.net/stockholm-creator-credits

DDEX MLC Implementation Workshop
Friday 8 November

This event is aimed at record companies and collective management organisations (CMOs) that may be interested in, or already implement, the DDEX MLC data standard for registering repertoire data ‘systematically’ with other organisations. The day will include an overview of the DDEX MLC data standard and updates from industry bodies SCAPR, IFPI and WIN on global projects that make use of this standard.

Presentations will also be made by record companies and CMOs that have already implemented the standard. They will share their experiences and run breakout sessions for individual questions on implementation and the technology behind the standard.

More information regarding the MLC Implementation Workshop is available on the DDEX website: www.ddex.net/stockholm-mlc-workshop

PPL will be attending both events and you will be able to read more about them, and how we contribute to the work of DDEX, in future member newsletters.