The APM is a meeting for eligible performers.  This means performers who are registered with PPL and who have received any UK or international performer payment from PPL during either or both of the two previous financial years (so during 2017 and/or 2018, for the purposes of this year’s APM).  If you are not sure that this applies to you, please call PPL’s Member Services team on 020 7534 1234 or email (including your PPL ID).

Online Voting

Online voting for the APM Performer Director elections is now open.

On PPL’s behalf, Electoral Reform Services Ltd – now part of the Civica Group and trading as Civica Election Services or CES – has sent online voting details to Eligible Performers (or, if they have one, the representative they have designated to manage their PPL account).

If this applies to you, please look out for these details from CES (online voting emails will be sent from  

Online voting will close at 3pm on Friday 22 November 2019. After this deadline, Eligible Performers who have not already voted will only be able to cast their votes at the APM itself (either by attending in person or appointing a proxy to attend on their behalf).

It is important for performers to have their say, so please don’t forget to vote. If you have any online voting queries, or cannot locate your online voting details, please contact PPL at

Election Candidates

At each year’s APM, one third of PPL’s Performer Directors must retire by rotation and an election must be held. The retiring directors may stand for re-election, and Eligible Performers may also nominate additional election candidates.

This year, Roxanne de Bastion and David Stopps are the two Performer Directors retiring by rotation and both are standing for re-election in accordance with PPL’s constitutional rules. No other candidate nominations were received by the 28 October 2019 deadline.

Under PPL’s constitutional rules, Eligible Performers are therefore voting on whether to re-elect each of these two Performer Directors, or to leave one or both positions vacant. They have each provided an Election Statement, which you can read here.

RSVP information

Please remember to RSVP to PPL either by post or by emailing by 22 November 2019 whether or not you will be attending the APM.  This helps us to make appropriate arrangements for the number of performers attending. Please include your full name and PPL ID when you RSVP.  

If you are unable to attend the APM, please bear in mind that Eligible Performers will have the option to vote online (see below).  However, if you wish another person to attend the APM on your behalf, you can appoint them as your proxy.  To do this you would need to complete a Proxy Form (available from PPL upon request).  

PPL is committed to keeping the APM process simple and secure. Whilst the formal APM documentation and template forms are available on this website page, this does not include any information specific to your membership.