What is the Eligible Studio Producer form for?

When a track is recorded there can be several performers on the final recording who are entitled to claim royalties from PPL for their audible contributions (such as vocals or instrumentation). Even though studio producers may not make audible contributions on a recording they may still, in certain circumstances, be eligible to receive royalties for their non-audible contributions. An example of this could be, conducting or similar musical direction, made during the live recording process.

Our Eligible Studio Producer Form is an optional tool designed to help studio producers claim royalties. The form must be completed by both parties and submitted to PPL for a claim to be made.

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Benefits of PPL's Eligible Studio Producer Form


The form offers a simple, practical solution for studio producers to claim royalties from PPL.


Both featured performers and studio producers can agree, at the point of recording, what contributions have been made on a track by a studio producer and therefore understand better from the outset how any performer royalties earned on the relevant tracks may be distributed.


It enables studio producers to substantiate their PPL claims more easily and consequently earn the correct royalties they deserve for making qualifying contributions to a recording.


Agreement between featured performers and studio producers via this new process helps to avoid disputes at a later date that can delay payment.

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