mu welcomes further ppl contribution of £200,000 to the mu coronavirus hardship fund for musicians

Over £1.2m has now been distributed to members of the MU who are suffering financial hardship and this donation – the largest into the Hardship Fund by an outside organisation – will enable the MU to continue to help members through the winter months.

The Union’s Hardship Fund was launched at the start of the lockdown in order to provide quick-turnaround grants of £200 to musicians whose work had been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

These initial payments were followed up during the summer, when the musicians that received the initial payment were contacted and given the option of an additional top-up payment of £100.

Horace Trubridge, MU General Secretary, said:

“We are extremely grateful to PPL for recognising that our members will need additional support this winter until such time as they can resume work. The Hardship Fund which we established in March to offer assistance to members facing financial difficulties during the coronavirus outbreak has helped countless musicians at their time of need. This latest contribution by PPL will mean we can maintain this vital line of support for our members as we approach the depths of winter.”

PPL, the UK’s leading music licensing company, has proved of considerable significance in supporting musicians across the UK. Since April, the company has donated more than £1 million to hardship funds administered by the MU, the Association of Independent Music (AIM), BPI, Help Musicians, and the Music Managers Forum, whilst also paying out more than £200 million in revenue to performers and recording rightsholders through its distributions in 2020. The latest contribution by PPL to the MU brings its total donation to this Fund to an incredibly important £400,000.

Peter Leathem, PPL Chief Executive Officer, said:

“The MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund has provided great support for many musicians across the UK, at a time when many have had their livelihoods very badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that it could still be many months before the industry is more fully operating again and so I am delighted that PPL is able to continue supporting musicians with a further donation to this vital fund.”