Introducing PPL PRS Ltd

Previously, businesses and organisations needing a licence for the public performance of recorded music had to obtain them separately from PPL (which represents performers and record companies) and PRS for Music (which represents songwriters, composers and music publishers). However, we have now joined forces to streamline part of what we do, by forming PPL PRS Ltd. This will make it easier for our public performance customers as they will now be able to obtain a single licence, TheMusicLicence.

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TheMusicLicence gives businesses a single point of contact, with one invoice and one licence, making it easier for them to be correctly licensed and enjoy the potential benefits of music in their business or organisation.

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Whilst PPL’s public performance licensing is now administered by PPL PRS Ltd, PPL will continue to independently set its own tariffs and undertake public consultations to determine the cost and scope of licensing.

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