What sort of businesses does the Background Music on Websites Licence cover?

This licence is for a small business with a maximum of four employees and an annual turnover of less than £200,000 that wishes to use recorded music on its website.

The music use is limited by the three core conditions below:

  • A minimum of three different tracks being used, with the background audio being no longer than 20 minutes’ duration
  • No speech over the top of the tracks
  • No editing or remixing of tracks

Download the full terms for the Background Music on Websites Licence

How much does the licence cost?

This licence to use both PPL and PRS for Music repertoire involves one simple annual payment of £122 (plus VAT).

Once the licence has been purchased, we will provide a digital sticker for you to display so that visitors to your website know you are licensed by PPL and PRS for Music.

If you wish to use more music than the licence allows, you may instead need to be licensed as an online radio station or online service.

Purchasing your license online

Please contact us at radiobroadcasting@ppluk.com to apply for your licence. Once your licence is in place, payment can be made by credit or debit card or by BACS.

Contact us

For any enquiries, please contact PPL’s Broadcast Licensing team