1. Social media services that enable the upload of content by the general public, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  2. Downloadable podcasts or audio programming that are kept on a user’s device for a temporary or permanent period
  3. Music services that offer downloads or on-demand streams of individual music tracks, such as those services offered by Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music

In summary, PPL is unable to license any of the following activities:

  • On-demand streaming and/or downloads of full individual music tracks and/or albums
  • Permanent downloads containing full music tracks, including podcasts and online music quizzes for private and domestic use (e.g. at home)
  • Streaming or other types of online music services with ‘shuffle’ functionality that enables random playback of music tracks
  • Unlimited music track skipping functionality
  • User upload services

If you are using music in any of the ways set out above, you will need to contact the recording rightsholder(s) (e.g. the record label owning that track) to seek a direct licence.

The PPL Repertoire search tool is publicly available and may assist you in identifying the recording rightsholder(s) you need to contact to discuss licensing arrangements.

Please note that PPL is unable to provide contact details for any of the rightsholders listed within the Repertoire search tool.

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