How do I use the system?

How do I login to the online payment system?

You can use the online payment system if you have received a PPL and/or VPL invoice. The system can be accessed at and you will be asked to login by entering both your Customer Number and Account Number. You can find both of these in the ‘Invoice Details’ box at the top-right of your invoice. Once you have entered both of these numbers correctly and have successfully completed the security question noted on the screen, you will be logged into the system where you can select which invoice(s) you would like to pay.

If you do not have a copy of your invoice or are having trouble locating your Customer Number and/or Account Number, please contact PPL on 020 7534 1394 or email


Is paying online secure?

Yes, the PPL online payment system is secure and approved by Barclays security standards. The system only allows the payment of invoices by credit or debit card and does not store any personal customer details.


What credit/debit cards do you accept for online payments?

The following cards are accepted for online payments: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. PPL does not accept American Express, JCB or Diners Club cards.


Will my card details be stored?

PPL does not retain any card details. The secure payment pages are managed by Barclays.


Does paying online incur any additional fees?

No, this is a free service.

Paying your invoice

Will I receive a receipt if I pay online?

On the ‘Make a payment’ page, you have the option to receive a receipt via email containing full details of your successful payment. If you wish to receive an email receipt, please tick the box next to this option and enter your email address.

Once a successful payment has been made, a confirmation page will be displayed on the webpage. If you do not request an email receipt, please print the confirmation page and keep it for your records.


Is VAT included on all invoices?

If the company is registered in the Channel Islands then the licence fee does not include VAT regardless of where the premises being licensed are situated within the UK.

If the company is registered in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and they have premises throughout the UK all licence fees are subject to current VAT rates, including premises based in the Channel Islands.


Can I pay my invoice in instalments?

No, PPL’s pay online facility only allows for invoices to be paid in full.


Can I pay invoices for multiple customers?

Yes, you can pay invoices for more than one customer. To login and make a payment you will need the Customer Number and Account Number for each customer that has outstanding invoices to pay.


How soon are online payments registered with PPL?

Successful payments made online are registered immediately with PPL and credited to your account. The online payment system will also immediately update and remove paid invoices from your account page.

Please note that it will take the standard bank processing time for funds to show as removed from a customer’s personal bank account.

More about the system

What happens if my card details are rejected?

If your payment is unsuccessful then you will be notified after the payment attempt. PPL will not take any money from your account.

Please contact your bank for any further information.


Can I still pay by other methods?

You can also pay for your PPL music licence by one of the following alternative methods:

  • Electronic bank transfer/BACS
    PPL’s bank details can be found on the back of your invoice. Please quote the invoice number on any BACS payment as this will enable us to process your payment more efficiently. Please allow up to five working days for your payment to reach us.
  • Credit/debit card – telephone service
    Please contact PPL’s customer service agents to pay your invoice by credit or debit card over the telephone. Please call 020 7534 1394. Please quote your Account and Invoice Number so we can process your payment more efficiently.  Please note we do not accept American Express, JCB or Diners cards.
  • Cheque
    Make your cheque payable to PPL (or VPL, if applicable) and send it to the following address: Finance Department, PPL
    1 Upper James Street
    W1F 9DE

Your cheque must be accompanied by the remittance slip at the bottom of your invoice. Please allow five working days for your payment to reach us.


No invoices are displayed when I try to pay online – why?

If no invoices are shown once you have logged in then it may be that all invoices on your account have been paid. If you know there are outstanding invoices on your account, it may be that these invoices are not valid for online payment – please contact PPL on 020 7534 1394 or email for further information.


I have other questions – what do I do?

If you have any other questions about the online payments system that are not addressed in these Frequently Asked Questions, please contact us at 020 7534 1394 from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that the system may occasionally be unavailable for routine maintenance. If this is the case there will be a message displayed on our website.