performer claims deadline: 5 april 2019

Please check the PPL Repertoire Database to ensure that you are included on all recordings on which you have performed so that you may receive any revenue due to you.

If you find a recording in our repertoire database on which you performed but are not listed as a contributor, please submit a claim for it. Please be prepared to provide evidence to support your claim. If you submit your claim (and evidence, if required) by 5 April and your claim is accepted, any revenue you are due will then be distributed in June 2019. Please note, we hold open the last six years’ airplay so any previous monies will be adjusted accordingly in June.

Please remember that if you are already included in the line-up of a recording you do not need to claim again. Look for the myPPL account icon symbol in myPPL to identify which recordings you are already registered as claiming against.

How to make a claim

  • Log in to your online myPPL account.
  • Search the PPL Repertoire Database for recordings that you have performed on.
  • Select the relevant recording(s) and click ‘Add to Claims Basket’. You must then enter the required information about your performance in the claims basket.
  • For further guidance on how to make a claim, read our guide on ‘How to make a claim’.