ppl celebrates black history month with new event to spotlight equity, diversity and inclusion heroes

PPL Hero Months will take place across various months of the year, beginning in October with a talk to PPL staff by Sayce Holmes-Lewis, the founder and CEO of youth organisation Mentivity. His work is founded in equity, diversity and inclusion and champions the empowerment of young people. Set up in 2016, Mentivity provides mentoring and alternative educational provision to support young people, schools and parents.

Sayce gained prominence in the media last year when talking about his experience with the Metropolitan Police when he was pulled over in south London while driving to take food to a bereaved friend on the basis of what he believes was stereotyping and racial profiling. This led him to campaign for the reform of stop and search police policies.

There will additionally be a spotlight on some of PPL’s Black colleagues who will be the subject of a series of short films over the month talking about their experiences at PPL and their lives outside of work.

Also this October, PPL will be launching an EDI training session with Utopia, an award-winning culture change business that was founded in 2017 to help businesses create inclusive, healthy and entrepreneurial workplaces. PPL will be working with Utopia’s Ethnicity and Society Mobility specialism lead Tolu Farinto. PPL will work with Utopia to deliver a series of ‘hacking’ workshops that will be focused on dismantling barriers to identifying actionable changes to create a better work culture.

PPL’s celebration of Black History Month is part of the company’s equity, diversity and inclusion agenda which aims to educate employees throughout the year on diversity issues, cultural customs and history.