ppl distributes £11.7 million in q3 distribution

London, 7 October 2019: Collective management organisation (CMO) PPL today announces its Quarter 3 distribution of international revenue, distributing £11.7 million collected from 54 CMOs around the world, with nearly 25,000 performers and recording rightsholders receiving a payment.

PPL’s international collections service collects monies from overseas CMOs for when recorded music is played in public and broadcast on TV, radio and some online streaming services, as well as for private copying. These international collections are an increasingly important revenue stream for performers and recording rightsholders – since 2006 we have collected £429.1 million.

Our ability to collect this money is in part down to the breadth of PPL’s international relationships. We now have 92 international collection agreements in place across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. Through these agreements we cover over 95% of the global value of both performer and recording rightsholder neighbouring rights markets.  These working relationships help us process and distribute revenue efficiently.

This September, the revenue we have distributed originates from a broad range of markets across the world such as the USA, Denmark, Spain, Croatia and Malaysia. This quarter’s payment includes first time revenue from Korea for recording rightsholders and also a first time payment from Panama for performers.

Peter Leathem, PPL Chief Executive Officer said: “Our international collections capabilities continue to grow. Thanks to our relationships around the world, this quarter’s distribution includes revenue from markets as disparate as Romania, South Africa and the USA. So far this year we have received money for the first time from societies in Albania, Georgia, Panama, Paraguay and South Korea.

This distribution also sees us pay international revenue to our highest ever number of recording rightsholders in a quarterly payment. We aim to fairly remunerate all those who own the recording rights to, or who perform on, sound recordings that are used around the world, and we hope such an achievement reflects the hard work that all at PPL put in to achieving this result.”

PPL is part of an ever-growing two billion-dollar plus sound recording performance rights industry that is hoped to reach three billion dollars by 2025. In 2018, Europe still accounted for 50% of global performance rights revenue, with the UK, France and Germany the largest collectors in the region.


For media enquiries, contact David Cohen, PPL Communications and PR Manager, at david.cohen@ppluk.com / 020 7534 1262