We are seeking to support initiatives that promote equity of opportunity, enable us to reach a wide range of musical genres, and cover a broad geographic spread across the UK, reflecting PPL’s membership. Initiatives should also positively enhance PPL’s profile to its audience and will be looked at in the context of PPL’s member engagement strategies. All decisions made to award funding will be based upon these funding principles.

The Benedetti Foundation

The Benedetti Foundation ©Mark Allen

PPL Giving is focused on contributing to projects which meet one or more of our three funding categories:

  1. Support the development of musical talent through educational initiatives, either within a formal educational setting, or via an organisation focused on developing future talent (e.g. delivering opportunities for new talent to learn and apply performance and recording skills, or supporting other vocational skills training and work experience in the music industry).
  2. Enable new performance or employment opportunities, providing career development for musical performers, including through recording and live performance.
  3. Provide or facilitate the provision of artist welfare.

A core objective of PPL Giving is to build a sustainable music industry for future generations.

PPL Giving seeks to provide funding to initiatives which promote equality of opportunity; which facilitate the Company’s reach into a wide range of musical genres; and which cover a broad geographic spread across the UK, reflective of PPL’s membership. These include organisations that are driving positive change across the music industry, such as through musical education, talent development, later career support and artist welfare.


The first cohort of PPL recipients include: