ppl hosts international workshop

Led by PPL’s Director of International Laurence Oxenbury, the workshop covered various topics relating to the collective management of sound recording rights. The workshop kicked off with a welcome address from our Chief Executive Officer Peter Leathem, and also included presentations from UK Music Legal Consultant, Florian Koempel; Worldwide Independent Network Ltd Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Philipps; IFPI Senior Licensing Executive Ieva Platpere-Oxenbury and FML Music Managing Director and PPL Performer Board member David Stopps.

During the three-day workshop there were several sessions on strategic planning as well as a presentation on the structure, organisation and capabilities of CMOs. Further talks took place on government/regulator relations and the valuation of sound recording rights, with a spotlight on broadcasting, public performance, tariff development and dubbing.

Throughout the three-day workshop, the attendees dissected different areas of the industry, sharing knowledge and best practices around:

  • Public performance licensing, joint ventures, operations and enforcement.
  • The importance of collective management to rightsholders.
  • Customer relations.
  • International relations.
  • Usage processing/repertoire management.
  • Business services and co-operation.

Initiatives like this workshop allow PPL to share our wealth of expertise and best practise in the management of rights, to help increase value for the global sound recording industry, including PPL’s members.

Please see below for a full list of CMOs that attended the workshop:

ASAP – El Salvador
COSCAP – Barbados
COTT – Trinidad & Tobago
ECCO – Eastern Caribbean Countries
JAMMS – Jamaica
SOPROFON – Ecuador