ppl releases 2018 gender pay gap report

Commenting on PPL’s gender pay gap results, PPL Chief Executive Officer Peter Leathem said:

“PPL takes equality and diversity seriously so that we can continue to develop and maintain a working culture that is fair and considerate to all. We will continue to provide development opportunities to ensure that there are processes in place so that capable employees of any gender can progress.

We are also committed to ensuring that we hire, develop and promote the best people regardless of gender. To support these aims, we have created an Equality and Diversity Monitoring section on our HR portal, rolled out Equality and Diversity training, as well as Unconscious Bias training for managers and employees, and we have a preferred suppliers list for recruitment agencies, all of whom have been asked to provide their equality and diversity policies and how they monitor them. We are also involved in UK Music’s Skills Programme Board and its Diversity Taskforce, which aim to ensure people from a range of backgrounds have an equal chance of gaining employment and experience in the music industry.

Ultimately, change takes time, but by raising awareness and working on such initiatives, we hope that PPL can contribute to securing lasting change.”

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