How to bulk upload your recordings

In this video, we will walk you through the process of uploading your repertoire in bulk to PPL’s Register Repertoire system. Uploading repertoire in bulk is the quickest way for you to submit multiple recordings to Register Repertoire.

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Frequently asked questions relating to this video

How can I add performers to recordings using the bulk upload file?

It is recommended that you set up territorial defaults and performer line-up defaults before beginning the bulk repertoire registration process. If you do not, you will need to add territorial rights and performer line-up data to recordings one at a time after you have submitted them. When setting up your territorial rights and performer line-up defaults, you will be asked to give each default setting a name. This name is what you will later use in the bulk upload file. Please see the Manage Repertoire video for more information on managing defaults.

Performers can only be added to the bulk upload template if they are part of a line-up default, so please create your default first. If you need to add any additional performers to the recordings, or remove any that did not appear on the recording, this can also be done once they have been imported (using manage repertoire screens).

Why can’t I add performers to recordings using the bulk upload file?

Ultimately PPL uses performer line-up information to pay performers. To do this accurately, PPL needs to be able to uniquely identify the performers, and it uses IDs to do this. When using the on-screen recording registration process, PPL automatically assigns a unique ID to a performer name in the background, that links the performer name created with you as a data source. When you select that performer name again, it keeps that same ID. There is an internal process at PPL’s end to map these incoming names to a PPL Member ID and International Performer Number (IPN), and therefore keeping these links consistent is essential for data integrity and processing efficiency purposes. In order for this to work properly via Excel, the user would need to enter a unique ID and ensure that same ID is used everytime that performer name is used. Whilst using the PPL Member ID or IPN to do this is an option, the record company registering the data might not know what these numbers are for the performers involved (or how to tell two members with the same name apart, e.g. John Smith). It might be that the performer hasn’t yet registered with PPL and doesn’t yet have an PPL ID or IPN, which causes additional complexity. The quickest way that PPL has found to easily enable this to work is for the user to add a performer line-up default on screen first (where those IDs are all automatically dealt with for you in the background), and then refer to that default setting in the bulk file.

Why else would a recording be rejected in a bulk upload file?

The recording could have a missing ISRC, a duplicate ISRC within the same file or a rightsholder that the user doesn’t have authority to act on behalf of.