Payment statements

PPL produces a statement for each member payment. You can access your statements by logging into the myPPL online account and selecting ‘My Statements’.

The ‘My Statements’ section in a myPPL account will list every payment received separately. By selecting one of the options, you can view your statement, related tax documentation and a CSV file of payment breakdown at track level. (Please note that breakdowns may not be available for international payments.)

If you are still unsure about your statement, please read the payment FAQs or contact our Member Services team.

View an example payment statement

What is listed on my statement?

Your statement will show the total amount you have been paid by PPL for the distribution period.

Your payment is made up of components.

The components field may contain:

  • PPB (Public Performance & Broadcast): When your recording is played in public or broadcast via traditional radio or TV.
  • NM (New Media): When your recording is used online; via on-demand streaming services; or Download-to-Own distribution of radio and television programming.
  • DIST (Programme Distribution): Sale, rental and lending of TV and spoken-word radio programmes containing your sound recording.
  • ER (Equitable Remuneration): PERFORMERS ONLY Royalty for when your recorded performance is played in public or broadcast via traditional radio or TV.
  • PC (Private Copying): Royalty for when blank media (e.g. CDs) are bought for personal use to account for recorded music being copied domestically.
  • Negative Allocation: Money may be negatively adjusted from an account for a number of reasons e.g. to reflect a change in rights ownership of a recording or because more performers have been added to a recording.
  • Deductions: For information regarding PPL’s costs please view the FAQs on getting paid.
  • International: Each of the lines on your statement shows (from left to right): the country where the royalties have been collected; the name of the music licensing company; the type of royalty; the period to which the payment relates; and what tax at source and other costs have been deducted. Please note that track breakdowns are not always available for these payments. You will only receive international payments if you have given an international mandate to PPL.

If you are a member of the AIM, BPI or FAC, some or all of your membership fees for these organisations are payable as a deduction from your PPL royalties. Details of any of these deductions which are applicable to you will be shown in this section.

If for any reasons PPL cannot pay all the royalties due to a member, interest will be accrued and added to the original amount.

There are two types of Withholding Tax that may be deducted. ‘Withholding Tax on Interest’ can be deducted on any interest payments you receive. ‘Withholding Tax on Royalty’ can be deducted on UK source income paid to certain members whose usual place of address is outside of the UK.

PPL rightsholder members who are VAT registered are entitled to receive VAT on any PPL payments, as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rule that you are supplying PPL with the public performance and broadcast rights to your recorded music. If you are a PPL rightsholder member please supply us with a copy of your VAT certificate to ensure your PPL payments include VAT, if you have not already done so. If you are a PPL performer member then you will not receive VAT on PPL payments. This is because HMRC rule that these royalties are collected on behalf of performers and no rights are actually transferred to PPL.

Revenue analysis report

Alongside your Payment Statement, PPL also produces a report for each member payment that shows which sources your UK royalties have been collected from in more detail. You can access your report by logging into the myPPL online account and selecting ‘My Statements’. These reports can be found in the section below your statements. Please note, you will only receive this report when you have been paid by PPL.

View an example revenue analysis report

What is listed on my revenue analysis report?

Your Revenue Analysis report shows in detail where your UK royalties have been collected from.

This information is split into four sections.

Distribution summary
This section explains where your recorded music has been played. The sources are split between the top radio and TV broadcasters, public performance (where your recorded music has been played in businesses), and dubbing (where your recorded music has been stored on a device by businesses).

Top broadcast revenue sources
This section shows which broadcasters have most played your recorded music. This will show both radio and TV broadcasters, including their online channels.

Top earning recording(s)
This section shows which of your recorded music tracks or individual performances earned the most royalties and displays what source the royalties were earned from e.g. broadcast.

Top earning artist(s)
This section shows which artist or band you have performed with whose recordings earned you the most royalties. It also displays what source the royalties were collected from.