Do I need a PPL Licence?

If you include commercially-released music within programmes and/or promos on your TV channel, you will need a PPL Licence. This licence enables you to broadcast over 13 million recordings, enhancing your channel’s output.

What is a PPL TV Broadcasting licence?

Our TV broadcast licences cover broadcasters for the use of commercial sound recordings within programmes and/or promos that are broadcast on their TV channels.

Independent TV production companies do not need to be licensed separately for the initial use of commercial music within programmes and/or promos commissioned by a PPL-licensed broadcaster.

If a TV broadcaster, production company or distributor wishes to sell programmes to another broadcaster or online service, they will need to hold a separate PPL Secondary Sales Licence.

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How much does a PPL TV broadcasting licence cost?

The minimum annual licence fee for a linear TV channel broadcasting commercial sound recordings in the UK is £20,634 for 2024.

PPL’s TV broadcast licences are assessed on a case-by-case basis and the total licence fee payable may exceed the above minimum fee depending on a range of factors, including (but not limited to) the channel’s audience, music usage, and the scope of rights required.

Please contact the Broadcast Licensing team at for more information. A member of our team will work with you to assess your licence requirements and to obtain the necessary information from you to put a licence in place.


Music video licensing

We handle the licensing of music videos within TV broadcasts through our sister company, VPL.

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