Although technically a separate company, the day-to-day work of VPL is undertaken by PPL staff. If you contact us about using music videos, it will be treated as VPL licensing business.

After deduction of operating costs, VPL distributes the licence fees paid by its licensees to its music video rightsholder members.

Since 1984, VPL has managed the storing and licensing of an archive comprising more than 50,000 music videos. The oldest video held in the Video Store library dates back to 1961 with The Shadows’ classic hit ‘Apache’. The comprehensive archive also boasts such legendary music videos as Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’ by David Bowie.

Since November 2015 the PPL Video Store has been managed by Vanderquest, a post-production house operating in the music and broadcast industries for over 30 years. The PPL Video Store is one of the largest music video archives in Europe.

All videos are stored and made available digitally with registered users able to search and source clips online.

Music videos from the archive are available, for a fee, to registered users who wish to broadcast them or play them in public.  Users must have the appropriate licence in place for such music video use, in order to use the PPL Video Store.  If you are a TV broadcaster and want to use music videos in your programmes and/or promos or trailers, please contact us at to discuss your licensing options further.

VPL Repertoire Search

The VPL Repertoire Search facility is designed for use primarily by our licensees to search VPL’s repertoire database for music video information.

VPL Repertoire Search
VPL Repertoire Search terms and conditions

More information about VPL

For formal information about the VPL Board and its business documents, please use the links below.


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Playing music videos in public

From February 2018, the licensing of music videos to be played in public at gyms, shops, offices and other commercial premises is now covered by TheMusicLicence, available from PPL PRS Ltd – a joint venture with PRS for Music, which now carries out this type of licensing on VPL’s behalf. For more information, please contact PPL PRS Ltd.

Learn more about 'TheMusicLicence'