Codes of Conduct

PPL has published Codes of Conduct which apply to its dealings with members and licensees, including Comments, Feedback and Complaints procedures.

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Constitutional documents

Click below to view our main constitutional documents, setting out (amongst other things) our formal membership requirements, and information about board structure and general meetings.

PPL Articles of Association

VPL Articles of Association

Distribution Rules

PPL’s UK distributions operate according to a set of UK Distribution Rules approved by the PPL Board (and, where relating to the distribution of performer income, the Performer Board).

VPL’s UK distributions operate according to the VPL Distribution Rules approved by the VPL Board.

The PPL Board has also approved a separate set of International Distribution Rules which apply to the distribution of revenue received from PPL’s International Royalties Collection Service.

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PPL's Tax Strategy

In accordance with the requirements in Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016, PPL publishes an annual Tax Strategy document which outlines PPL’s approach to the administration of tax and the management of tax risks. 

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