ppl announces £87.6m q1 distribution and additional measures to help the music community

On 31 March 2020, PPL will be distributing £87.6 million to more than 26,000 performers and recording rightsholders. This includes £31.2 million from PPL’s international collections – the highest ever quarterly total of international monies distributed by PPL.

As further support for its performer and recording rightsholder members during this challenging period, PPL is also working on implementing measures to pay out future royalties earlier than the next quarter payment, which is due at the end of June. PPL is therefore currently assessing the range of payments that can be brought forward to the end of April and more details will be communicated to members directly in the coming weeks.

PPL is also committed to playing its part in supporting the wider music sector. In the past week, a number of industry hardship funds have been created to provide vital financial support to musicians and music businesses in these difficult times. PPL will donate a sum of money towards these important efforts to help ensure that its members and others in the music community who are struggling most can receive financial support both now and in the weeks and months to come.

PPL is also well aware of the hardship being experienced by many business users of music and is working to roll out measures that will ease the strain on its licensees.

Peter Leathem, PPL Chief Executive Officer said: “PPL’s collections are an important revenue stream to tens of thousands of performers and recording rightsholders in the UK and around the world. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we hope the monies being paid out now and in the coming weeks by PPL will help to provide some real assistance for the times ahead. We will be continuing to work hard during this time to ensure that our members get paid quickly and to provide them with ongoing support.”

A summary of the various funds and business support on offer from around the music industry can be found on PPL’s website. During this time, PPL members can continue to get in touch via memberservices@ppluk.com and myPPL. Members and partners are also encouraged to follow PPL’s social media channels across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date with news and announcements.