We require reliable and accurate data from our members. After joining, recording rightsholder members should submit details of their recordings into our online database of recordings. Our Repertoire Database holds data for millions of recordings, including where the music was recorded, who owns the rights and who has performed on it.

It is the responsibility of the rightsholder to add details of all the performers on the recording to the database to help ensure they also receive their royalties.

Performer members can search the database and submit claims to be included on the tracks on which they have performed.

Please remember that PPL makes payments to members based on the usage of their recorded music by PPL’s licensees (and subject to a set of Distribution Rules) so, whilst it is important to ensure we have your repertoire data, your ability to earn PPL royalties will also depend on the extent to which your recordings are being used.

Getting started with PPL

First, you will need to register online for PPL membership.

Once membership is approved, recording rightsholders should request an ISRC through their myPPL account.

Performer members should search the PPL Repertoire Database for the recordings on which they have performed and make a claim if they are not listed on the recording. Rightsholder members should use the ‘Repertoire Registrations’ section to register recordings and products.

See the how-to guides on registering repertoire

Remember to regularly check myPPL to see if your recordings have been accepted.

Then check your personal account details, including bank details and address.

We are not able to pay you if these are not supplied or are incorrect.

Earn more royalties by signing up for additional PPL services

We can collect royalties from around the world, for both performers and recording rightsholders. We also offer recording rightsholders the option to participate in additional licensing areas, including certain online services. Contact us at 020 8068 1054 to sign up or find out more.

Contact us if your circumstances change.

Royalty distribution

PPL currently makes one major distribution for UK royalties annually in June. International royalties and certain additional licensing activities are paid quarterly, and adjustment payments are made biannually in June and December.

View the current payment dates