How do international

collections work?

If you have performed on, or if you control the rights to, recorded music that has been played outside of the UK, then we can help you claim the international performance royalties you are entitled to collect.

We do the heavy lifting

For PPL to be able to do this on your behalf, you simply need to sign up to the appropriate international mandate authorising us to represent you worldwide (or in the countries you specify). We then do the heavy lifting, making the collection of your international royalties simple and straightforward for you. We have agreements with collective management organisations (CMOs) around the world through which we are able to collect your royalties, which we then pay out four times a year.

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How much does it cost?

PPL's international network of agreements with other CMOs enables the collection of royalties for the use of recordings and performances around the world. PPL deducts the costs of its international collections service from the international payments it makes to members, meaning there is no out-of-pocket cost to you. Overall, this cost currently stands at 7%.

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How can you help to maximise your international royalties?

Our dedicated, specialist team combines PPL’s considerable processing power and global network with strong and trusted working relationships, to maximise your international royalties. If you are using our international collections service, there are some simple but important things you can do to help ensure we can collect as much money for you as possible.

Tell us all about your repertoire

CMOs around the world can have different/additional data requirements when it comes to recording data. If you are a recording rightsholder, we recommend that when you register the details of your recordings in the PPL Repertoire Database, through your secure myPPL account, you populate as many of the data fields for each recording as you can.

This helps to ensure that all your recordings can be registered accurately at other CMOs. This, in turn, minimises the risk of delays to payment, which can occur if a CMO requires further information in order to confirm your recording as being the same recording for which it has collected royalties.

Learn about international rights types

Declare your international sales data

Complete your US tax paperwork

PPL was the first music licensing company to be given Qualified Intermediary (QI) status by the US tax authorities – meaning that royalties collected by PPL from the US need not be subject to US withholding tax of 30%. There is a form you need to complete to enable us to collect up to the full 100% of any US royalty payments on your behalf. To keep things as simple as possible, you can complete and even sign the form electronically.

More about international tax requirements

More about US royalty collection

How do I register for PPL's international royalties collection service?

I’m already a PPL member

 PPL performer and/or recording rightsholder members can easily register for PPL’s international royalties collection service by following these simple steps:

Step one

Download and print the relevant mandate and terms below based on if you are a performer or recording rightsholder. If you are both a performer and recording rightsholder member and wish to sign up for both services, you will need to download both sets of mandates and terms.

Step two

Review the terms, complete pages 2-3 (the Agency Appointment) on the mandate(s) and sign the document(s) in the applicable places.

Step three

Scan and email the completed and signed mandate(s) pages (2-3) to or return by post to PPL Member Services, 1 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DE.

Download the forms

Please note; if another organisation is already collecting your international royalties (also known as neighbouring rights) or you think you may already be registered to PPL’s service, please contact our Member Services team before downloading a mandate by calling us on 020 8068 1054 and we’ll discuss what we are able to do for you.

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I'm not a PPL member

If you are not yet a PPL member, you can join for free. You can also register for our international royalty collection service as part of the joining process. Join PPL via our online portal, myPPL, or contact our Member Services team by calling 020 8068 1054 between 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Find out more about PPL membership – including the benefits, joining requirements, membership terms and how to sign up

Benefits of registering for PPL’s International Royalties Collection service

We are global

We have direct agreements with over 100 international CMOs, covering over 90% of total global performance royalty value.

24/7 access

We give you direct access to your payment information 24 hours a day, seven days a week via your online member portal, myPPL.

Member support

Our dedicated Member Services team is available to provide you with account support and assistance.

Cutting edge technology

Our advanced Repertoire Database enables us to quickly and accurately identify your repertoire data and increase your global payment potential.

We'll do the heavy lifting

We provide an efficient and effective service by managing your rights with other collective management organisations, saving you time and resource.

Qualified Intermediary status

We have been granted Qualified Intermediary status by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which means we can pay through up to 30% tax that would otherwise be held back on US royalties.

No up-front costs

PPL deducts the costs of its international collections service directly from the international payments it makes to members, so there is no up-front cost to you. Overall, this cost currently stands at 7%.

Team of international experts

Our expert International team has developed strong and trusted relationships across the globe and is constantly delivering a first class, industry-leading service to our members.

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