Why do we need to declare our sales data?

Unlike PPL, CMOs in certain countries distribute some or all of their revenue on the basis of sales in their country. So that this data can be supplied to the CMOs in order to support payment, PPL gathers sales data from its recording rightsholder members which have mandated PPL to collect on their behalf in the relevant countries. If sales data is not provided to PPL by a recording rightsholder member, or if the data is not supplied in the format determined by the relevant CMO, PPL’s ability to collect revenue on behalf of the recording rightsholder will be affected.

Where can I find this information?

Your distributors and/or retailers will be able to provide sales data specific to each territory.

What information is required?

All fields included on the sales declaration form(s) need to be completed in order for CMOs to correctly process the sales data. Failure to provide all of the required information could result in non-payment.

Do I need to provide evidence with my declaration?

This is dependent on the CMO; the Hungarian and Slovakian CMOs require evidence to be provided with the declaration of sales. Some other CMOs sometimes request further evidence at a later date – PPL will notify you if this applies to you.

How often do I need to declare sales data?

The submission of sales data is generally required on an annual basis by each CMO that uses this information for distribution purposes.

We only have worldwide sales data, not country-specific sales data.

Please note that worldwide sales data should not be declared. Your distributor should be able to provide a breakdown of country-specific sales data.

Should I provide sales data in units or monetary value?

The sales data should be declared in the format set out in each form (sales units or monetary value).

Should I declare sales data in pound sterling or the CMO’s local currency?

Where this information is available, please declare sales in the CMO’s local currency unless requested otherwise. Where this information is not available, please specify which currency has been provided instead.

Should I declare digital sales?

Please refer to each form to check whether digital sales should be included.

What can I declare?

Please refer to each form to check which types of sales will be accepted.

How do I return my sales data?

Please attach the forms to an email and send to salesdata@ppluk.com

Why is PPL not mandated to collect from both SCPP and SPPF for my record company?

In France there are two CMOs, SCPP and SPPF, that carry out a similar role in managing remuneration to recording rightsholders. Both SCPP and SPPF have an agreement with PPL, though recording rightsholders may only collect remuneration for the use of their repertoire in France via one of the CMOs. Therefore, when you give PPL the mandate to collect on your behalf in France, you are asked if you would like us to collect on your behalf from either SCPP or SPPF.

What do I need to do in order to qualify for remuneration from either SCPP or SPPF?
In order to qualify for remuneration from the French CMOs SCPP or SPPF (depending upon which you have selected), you need to:

  •   Declare your annual physical and digital sales by returning the relevant sales declaration forms; and
  • Ensure that you have registered the same recordings (and associated products) in the PPL Repertoire Database and/or improve the data quality of your existing repertoire (and product) data in the PPL Repertoire Database.

Please note that there are a number of differences between the repertoire data requirements of the French CMOs and PPL’s standard data requirements. In addition to the data fields that are required by PPL, certain data fields such as duration, recording date and product information are mandatory in France. Therefore we recommend that where possible you provide all available data when registering recordings with PPL in order to support PPL’s collections on your behalf in France. More information on data requirements in France.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the sales declaration process, please email salesdata@ppluk.com or alternatively contact your account manager or PPL’s Member Services team on 020 8068 1054.