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PPL exists to help ensure those who invest their talent, time or money in creating recorded music are paid fairly for the use of their music when it is broadcast or played in public. Membership is free and open to anyone who performs on, or owns the rights to, recorded music. Our members include both independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging grassroots artists through to established session musicians and influential festival headliners.


We collect royalties for a range of uses of recorded music in the UK

We license and collect royalties for a range of uses of recorded music - when it is played in public or broadcast on the radio, TV, and certain digital media services. After deduction of our operating costs, we then distribute those royalties to the performers and recording rightsholders we represent, based on the use of their music.

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And we can collect for you across the globe

In addition to UK licensing, we can also collect royalties for performers and recording rightsholders when their recorded music is played around the world (also known as neighbouring rights royalties). We do this through a network of international agreements with the collective management organisations (CMOs) who license and collect those royalties in other countries. For your royalties to be collected internationally by PPL, you will need to ensure you give us an up-to-date international mandate appointing us to do so.

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Can I join PPL?

How to become a member


Register online for free

Use our simple online registration process to register your details as a performer, recording rightsholder, or both. For recording rightsholders, this includes appointing PPL to license your recordings in the UK when they are broadcast or played in public.


Customise your collections

Your membership automatically covers UK royalty collections but you can also use PPL to collect your royalties internationally. Recording rightsholders also have options about other types of licensing they may wish PPL to do on their behalf.


Tell us about your repertoire

Using myPPL - our secure, user-friendly online member portal – recording rightsholders should register the details of their recordings with us and performers should link themselves to the recordings on which they have performed.

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If you own or control rights in, or have performed on, recorded music that is broadcast or played in public, you could be able to earn royalties as a PPL member.

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