What is a PPL Broadcast Licence?

A Broadcast Licence from PPL gives you legal permission to broadcast virtually all commercially-released recordings in the UK. For radio, this includes music use across a variety of different platforms including AM, FM, DAB, satellite and online. For TV, this includes terrestrial, satellite and cable TV services in the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Picking the right licence for you

Radio broadcasting

We offer licences for many different types of radio stations, including those broadcasting on AM, FM, DAB and Freeview. We can also cover your UK internet simulcast. For further information, including costs, explore the licence types below.

TV broadcasting

We license over 250 TV channels in the UK, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky. We also license online simulcasting, catch-up services and satellite broadcasts from the UK into other countries.

Our TV licences cover programmes and promotions made by or for the relevant broadcaster’s channels.

If a TV broadcaster, production company or distributor wishes to sell programmes to another broadcaster or online service (whether in the UK or around the world), they will need to hold a separate PPL Secondary Sales Licence.

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Online broadcasting

We license a number of online services, including internet-only radio stations, listen-again services and simulcasts of UK radio broadcasts when they are received outside the UK. For further information, including costs, explore the licence types below.

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Music video licensing

We manage the licensing of music videos for broadcast and playing in public through our sister company, VPL.

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Find out more

If you are a radio broadcaster (including online services), please contact:

If you are a TV broadcaster (including online services), please contact: