The Linear Webcast Licence

This licence is for online linear webcast services (for example, an online radio station or simulcast) where the audience cannot change their listening experience by, for example, skipping tracks or pausing the broadcast.

The Linear Webcast Licence is subject to an application process, and any licences issued are subject to a set of terms and conditions, including conditions around the operation or funding of the applying online linear webcast service.

Learn more about the key conditions and eligibility criteria of the Linear Webcast Licence or read the full licence terms and conditions.

How much does the Linear Webcast Licence cost?

The licence is split into three bands, as follows:

BandLower stream limit (per calendar year)Upper stream limit

(per calendar year)

2024 licence fee

(per channel, per calendar year) (ex. VAT)

10150,000£193 non-returnable fee
2150,001270,000£321 non-returnable fee

(or n/a for any multi-territory service)

n/a£644 non-returnable advance, recouped against £0.001286 (0.1286p) per stream

The band appropriate for each service is dependent on:

  • The number of annual streams (i.e. performances, where one track is streamed to one listener) generated by the service
  • The annual revenues generated by the service, with any service that generates over £5,000 per annum requiring a Band 3 licence
  • The territories targeted by the service, with any service broadcasting to multiple territories requiring a Band 3 licence, with an additional administrative fee payable.

Any service launching after 1 January in any given year will pay a fee pro-rated to the beginning of the calendar quarter in which the licence start date falls. For example, a service launching on 15 April would pay a licence fee equivalent to three quarters of the annual fee.

Once your licence is in place, payment can be made by Direct Debit, credit or debit card or by BACS.

Learn more about the reporting requirements or download a quick guide to fees.

Apply online for a PPL Linear Webcast Licence.

Other online licence types

Service typeDetailsHow much does
this licence cost?
Customised radio serviceA customised online radio service is where a listener cannot control which track they listen to but can skip to the next track up to six times in an hour or pause the webcast.We assess licence requests on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us at for more information.

On-demand clips of recorded musicThese clips are non-downloadable 30-second clips of recorded music made available on a website for listeners to stream when they want (for example, within an online learning aid, blog or review site).Fees are £174 (plus VAT) per year for the use of 1 to 250 clips, or £698 (plus VAT) per year for the use of 251 to 1,000 clips.*

*If you are planning to use more than 1,000 clips, please contact us at

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