Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements vary depending on the type of licence you hold.

Linear Webcast Licence

BandWebcasting ReportTerritory ReportMusic Usage ReportRevenue Report
1Required twice per yearNot requiredOn requestOn request
2Required twice per yearNot requiredOn requestOn request
3Required quarterlyRequired quarterlyLicensees that recoup their advance, or use a digital playout system: Quarterly

Others: On request

On request

What do I need to provide in a Webcasting Report or Territory Report?

The Webcasting Report consists of two figures:

  1. The average number of tracks webcast per hour
  2. The total listener hours for your service in that period.

The two figures are standard statistics that are typically captured by your streaming provider. Listener hours may be referred to something slightly different such as ‘Aggregate Tuning Hours’ or ‘ATH’, or simply ‘TLH’. To calculate the number of streams (i.e. Performances) generated by your service in any given period, you simply multiply the two figures together.

The Territory Report is simply a percentage breakdown of the total number of streams generated by your service into the territories covered by your Linear Webcast Licence (e.g. 90% UK, 7% Germany, 3% Spain). Again, this information is typically captured by your streaming provider and is readily available. Reporting templates will be provided by PPL for you to submit this.

What do I do if I still have a question on the fees and reports due under the 2021 Linear Webcast Licence?

Please email PPL’s Broadcast Licensing team at for guidance and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your query further.

AM, FM and DAB radio stations

Community RadioCommercial Radio
Community Radio licensees provide an annual report detailing the station’s Net Broadcasting Revenue (85% of gross revenue).Commercial Radio licensees provide regular reporting of stations’ Net Broadcasting Revenue (85% of gross revenue).
Licensees will also provide information relating to any Internet Simulcast Service and/or Small Scale DAB Simulcast Service provided by the station.Licensees also report every track played by their station or stations. If a station does not use a digital play-out system or generates less than £5,466,009 in Net Broadcasting Revenue each year, we will request sample music reports covering up to 42 days per year.

Student, Hospital, Prison and Short-term Restricted Service Licence radio stations

Regular reporting is not required from these licensees but PPL may request sample reports detailing the tracks played by the station. We will always give notice if asking for this information.

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