continued growth in payments to ppl members driven by strong public performance and ongoing metadata improvements

This includes 1,200 members who are receiving a first-time payment today. The increase is driven by a combination of factors including the implementation of a new public performance tariff in 2023 and continuing improvements in the exchange of recording metadata around the world.

It is the first time the company has surpassed £100 million in a single distribution and comprises of collections from the licensing and use of recorded music both in the UK and internationally. In addition, today’s distribution is being made to a record number of performers and recording rightsholders, either as a direct member of PPL or via an international collective management organisation (CMO) with which PPL has an agreement.

The distribution total includes revenue from the licensing of music videos via PPL’s sister company, VPL, when they are played in public. Almost £1.4 million is being paid out to almost 300 recording rightsholders.

Public performance driving increased returns for members 

Some of the increase in today’s distribution is driven by the new public performance Specially Featured Entertainment (SFE) tariff negotiated in partnership with industry bodies and launched in January 2023, with a phased roll-out. The SFE tariff, which licenses the use of recorded music in DJ sets and discos in pubs, bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, and cafes, has driven a positive impact for performers and recording rightsholders with a year-on-year increase of 20% in monies distributed from the SFE tariff.

Dance music continues to capture the hearts and minds of the nation, as evidenced by regular appearances from Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Jax Jones, Ella Henderson, MNEK and Becky Hill in PPL’s Most Played charts in recent years.

Joel Corry, who collaborated with David Guetta and Raye on the track ‘Bed’ and has also featured in PPL’s Most Played Charts every year since 2020, highlighted the importance of PPL’s work: “As we head into the summer festival season, I need to be completely focused on making the best music and experience for my fans. The work that PPL does helps me greatly by making sure that I am maximising my music rights collections in airplay and public performances around the world, which has allowed me to further invest in my live shows and deliver the best possible events I can for my fans. Big thanks to PPL for all the continued advocacy and hard work, bring on summer 2024!”  

In line with its commitment to supporting diverse music genres, PPL has also expanded its team of specialist relationship managers. Last year, PPL recruited experts across Classical and Black Music genres and appointed Roxanne Oak as Dance Music Relationship Manager. Roxanne’s role is focused on growing relationships within the dance community, building awareness of PPL, and encouraging performers and recording rights holders to register. Her efforts ensure that artists receive any revenues due to them for the use of their work when it is broadcast or played in public places, thus reinforcing PPL’s mission to protect and promote the rights of performers and recording rights holders. 

Global reach and connections through improving metadata

With over 110 agreements globally, PPL has seen an increase of 13% in international monies being distributed year on year including strong payments from CMOs in the Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland and the USA. Today, performers will also receive their first payment from Guatemala. 33% of international money being paid out to members today is money from years prior to 2022 and due in part to continued improvements in global metadata led by the Virtual Repertoire Database (VRDB). 

Chris Barton, CFO, PPL said: “It is encouraging to reach this milestone and deliver over £100 million to our members in this June distribution.  As we celebrate our 90th year, our commitment to our members and our strategic focus on innovation and collaboration has not waned. We continue to invest in data, technology and partnerships that derive value for our members and partners globally, helping ensure performers and recording rights holders are compensated when their music is broadcast or used in public places.”