What is a sample?

A sample is when one part of a sound recording is reused in a different recording. The sample can be the whole recording, or just specific instruments or the vocal parts of a recording.

What should I do?

Recording rightsholders should identify when a sample has been used when registering their recordings on the PPL Repertoire Database. If you have not done this already you can go back and amend your previous registrations so PPL holds the correct information.

The PPL Register Repertoire User Guide explains how to register your samples correctly.

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Guidance note on sampled performances

PPL is committed to paying equitable remuneration to all performers who are legally entitled to receive such payments in respect of their performances on the sound recordings that PPL licenses. This includes where a qualifying performance on one published recording (the “Sampled Recording”) has been sampled and incorporated into another published recording (the “Subsequent Recording”).

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