What is dubbing?

Dubbing refers to the copying of recorded music for commercial purposes.

When recorded music is copied in order to create a commercial product or service that is subsequently used for public performance a licence is required from PPL. Examples of this include creating background music services for shops, either via streaming or on hard disk players, or creating digital jukeboxes for use in pubs and bars.

Whilst PPL licenses the provider of the music service for their copying of recorded music, any venues that use the provider’s service will still require a separate licence to play recorded music in public, which can be obtained from PPL PRS Ltd.

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Do I need a dubbing licence?

If you are supplying music services, such as background music, to businesses such as shops and bars you will almost certainly need a licence from PPL.

If the service you wish to offer isn’t listed in our supplier directory please contact us to discuss your requirements, so that we can advise you on the most suitable licence(s) for your business.

In order to supply music services, you will almost certainly also need a licence from PRS/MCPS. Details of their licensing scheme can be found on the PRS for Music website.

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